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Christopher Colville, Horizon 1
The Dark Hours
SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 - NOVEMBER 6, 2015

Duncan Miller Gallery is pleased to present its second solo exhibition of the works of Christopher Colville. His new series, The Dark Hours, relates to his need for working in the dead of night in the Arizona desert, specifically on dark nights without moonlight. These one-of-a-kind prints are produced with a photographic process, but without a camera.

For each of the works, Colville creates a unique composition. He places objects directly on top of actual pieces of unexposed, light-sensitive photographic paper that will become the framed print. The light source for his exposure is a momentary flash from a small, refined explosion he constructs over the composed objects and photo paper. Other factors, such as the heat and movement created by the explosion are indelibly cast into each piece.

A reoccurring theme in this new series is a sense of a constructed horizon. While created with chaos and intensity, the resultant images often offer a meditative, reflective and provoking suggestion of depth and discovery.

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