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Chris McCaw is a fine-art photographer who shoots with large-format cameras (8 x 10, 16 x 20, or 20 x 24 inch), which he builds himself. Sunburns, as the series is titled, are unique images made as McCaw's camera lenses capture and intensify the sun's rays, which often burn a path across the paper.

McCaw explains: "When the conditions are right, the burning goes all the way through the paper base. The subject of the photograph reverses through solarization, and the unique paper negative becomes a one-of-a-kind paper positive . . . not only is the resulting image a representation of the subject photographed, but the subject, the sun, is an active participant in the printmaking . . . both creating and destroying the resulting photograph."

The images-subtle, elegant, and even slightly ominous-invite close scrutiny. The minimalist skylines or horizons, where visible, evoke the transitory nature of the elements in the locales where McCaw chooses to photograph: the desert, the sea, or the mountains.



Sunburned GSP#280(Pacific Ocean), 2008.

12\"x20\" unique gelatin silver paper negative.

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