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Roman Loranc (1956 - )

Born in Poland, Loranc emigrated to the United States in 1981.

Since settling in Californiaís Great Central Valley, Loranc has increasingly turned to photographing subjects in his immediate area. He typically works within an hour of his home, documenting the uncommon beauty of the vanishing subjects that surround him. The delicate and fragile wetlands shadowing the Pacific Flyway, the primeval contours of the Diablo Range and the sinuous, radiant surfaces of once-mighty rivers.

According the publisher of his 2003 monograph Two-Hearted Oak, intimate encounters with landscapes are a central theme of Lorancís work. "Stark visions of freshwater marshes, valley oak woodlands, rain-swollen streams, and other scenes reveal themselves to us. Visually stunning and sometimes ephemeral, they are testaments to the workings of the human heart and psyche."

In recent years, Loranc has returned to explore the surviving countryside and architecture of his Polish homeland, including the atmospheric interiors of its churches and synagogues.

His work is included in numerous public and private collections.


Billowing Clouds
Canal Venice
Homeward Bound
Two Hearted Oak

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