Marc Riboud

At age 13, Riboud (1923- ) received his first camera as a gift from his father—a Vest Pocket Kodak. He’s been taking pictures ever since. Born in Lyon, France, he moved to Paris to pursue his interest in photography. Invited to join Magnum as an associate at the same time as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, Riboud went on to travel the world with his camera. He is renowned for his documentation of the East, particularly China and Vietnam. Riboud’s images have appeared in Life, National Geographic, Paris-Match, and Der Stern.

Read Marc Riboud’s 5-page article in the April 2006 issue of Venice Magazine here.



Paris, 1953
Man painting Eiffel Tower at 900 feet
Paris, France, 1953
Nun speaks with cab driver
in front of Notre Dame

Shanghai, 2002 (In the garden of the Mandarin Yu, right in the heart of old Shanghai, an elegant lady forgot her cosmetics bag, which Riboud has dubbed the "Mandarin's bunny rabbit")

Shanghai, China, 2002
Ghana, Africa, 1960
Evening scene at the beach
Washington D.C., 1967
Confrontation during a Vietnam peace march
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